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How to learn German effectively to achieve your goals!

Having goals when learning German online is critical to success, but you need to stick to your goals and learn effectively to achieve them.

No two students are the same when learning German, and no two practices will work for the same student. However, we pride ourselves on our 80%+ learning success rate and our simple and practical steps that will help you learn German effectively and reach your goals.

Think about your motivation

Whether you're learning for fun, for travel, or to advance your career: Reminding yourself of your motivation every day will ensure that you keep practicing and working towards your goals. Your motivation will spur you on and ensure that you focus on the different aspects of the language: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Comprehension. Your native German teacher will work with you to achieve your goals by checking in with you weekly about your progress and motivation.

Keep it simple

You can make learning German as easy or as difficult as you like, but we believe the easy way brings the most success. Together with your German teacher, work on daily activities to improve your retention and comprehension of German, such as the 2-minute rule (insert link to Procrastination blog), where you read, write, listen, and speak German for 2 minutes and then gradually increase. You can also set a goal of 20 new words per week, such as business German. Simple, moderate tasks lead to great progress.

Find out what works best for you

The most effective way to learn German is to use techniques that you like and that work for you. We encourage students to try the extracurricular activities in our exclusive student library and find out if listening, reading, or watching Netflix works for you, or maybe just speaking out loud, whatever it is, find the best techniques that will allow you to excel in your German language journey.

Make it fun & Practice daily

Yes, we know we've said this many times before, but daily learning is essential to achieving your German language goals. Think of how you learned to walk when you were a baby: you didn't try it once a week, but several times a day until you mastered it perfectly - the same goes for learning German. Daily practice along with weekly lessons will improve your retention of German as well as your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Write your grocery list in German, talk to a friend in German, listen to German radio, watch a German Netflix show with subtitles - it doesn't have to be hard, it just has to be consistent. Consistency = progress.

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