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Think German!

Thinking in German is the requirement for being able to speak German fluently!

The only question is how you can do this as quickly as possible.

What is the fastest way to learn to think in German?

The fastest way to learn to think in German is by listening to native German speakers and answering questions aloud in the form of dialogues.

This way your brain learns the German language rhythm, word order and you develop a natural feel for German grammar.

Listen to native speakers & speak for yourself by answering specific questions aloud, because this is how you learn:

  • Sentence structure

  • Speech melody

  • Grammar naturally

What you should listen to if you want to learn to think in German are podcasts, German series and films, German music.

That makes the difference whether you need only a few months or many years to think in German.

But: You have to listen to German that you also understand well!

And that brings us to films and podcasts.

Watching German films and listening to podcasts won't help you enough if you want to learn to think in German.

When you watch German films, do you always understand everything?

Do you understand every dialogue? Every single word? Probably not.

There are two reasons for that:

- German native speakers speak very quickly among themselves

- Film scripts are not written for beginners

Then you can read the text and listen to the audio recording at the same time. This way, you have no problems understanding what you hear.

But what is so special about this learning method?

It is the fact that you actively speak yourself through the special question and answer technique!

And therefore you will learn

  • Sentence structure

  • Speech melody

  • Grammar a more natural way.

These 3 points are very important in speaking so determine how well you can actually speak German.

As already mentioned, the fastest way to think in German is to talk to native German speakers, listen to them and answer questions aloud and slowly in the form of dialogues.

Thinking in German

Should you start watching films and listening to podcasts in German?

YES! Because watching German films or listening to German podcasts are never a bad idea. Quite the opposite. They are very helpful.

But only if you have already reached a very high level!

Have fun learning German!

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