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Why learn German? - How learning German can change your life

Why learn German?

There are several advantages to learning German as a foreign language! Here is our TOP 7!

What is your reason for learning German? Every German learner has his or her own reasons, but speaking German also has very real, tangible benefits.

1. Moving to Germany is often rewarded with a well-paid job. For many jobs it is very important that you speak good German.

The first of the 10 reasons to learn German has to do with a well-paid job.

2. You will be respected if you speak a language that people find difficult.

If you think German is hard, it's probably because of our endless long words, our German umlauts: ä, ü, ö or maybe that funny sign that looks like we stole it from the Greek alphabet (ß). In reality, German is not that difficult to learn.

How good is your English? If you speak English well, you can derive a lot from English, because 26% of German vocabulary has common roots with English.

3. German brings you closer to science, mathematics and music and makes you smarter.

Why learn German? - German is a scientific language

The German language structure requires you to hold certain verbs in your memory until the end of a sentence before you can use them. This improves both imagination and memory. In fact, one of the reasons Germans are so mechanical is because of the anatomy and word structure of the language.

4. Learning German is useful because it helps your brain stay healthy.

Is learning German useful for anything other than just getting a good job or travelling to Europe?

Sure it is! Learning a foreign language improves your memory and mental abilities.

It is even thought to delay the onset of brain diseases such as dementia. So you can have a good memory well into old age.

5. For free quality higher education

One of the main reasons to learn German is that higher education in Germany is free and you can easily attend from anywhere in the world. In most other countries that offer quality education, higher education is often very expensive or they charge higher fees to students from other countries. In Germany, public universities do not charge tuition fees and the cost of living is also much lower than in other countries.

In London, Dublin, Paris, Geneva and Oslo, renting a flat costs about twice as much as in Berlin.

6. You should learn German for business purposes

You won't be a student forever. This means that the better prepared you are for your professional life, the higher your chances of success.

In this respect, German is a useful language, as Germany is the largest European trading partner of the US and German companies account for over 700,000 jobs in the US alone!

Although Japan itself is a strong economy, 68% of Japanese students still learn German.

Why do they learn German? Because German is the fourth economic language in the world.

7. Better networking is another reason to learn German

Better networking is another reason to learn German

Sometimes my students ask me, why should I learn German when all my German friends speak good English?

Well, in this case you don't have to, of course, but friends and other people you meet really appreciate it when you speak their language.

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