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20 commonly used German words and Phrases

German is a beautiful language, full of interesting words and phrases so it’s no secret that German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Whether you’re a beginner German learner or a seasoned German speaker, it’s essential that you know the most commonly used German words and phrases so that you can keep improving your German, so even if you aren’t fully fluent in German just yet you’ll be able to sound like you are.

From basic German greetings to essential German everyday expressions, you will quickly learn German words and phrases to build up your German vocabulary. So, if you want to learn 20 commonly used German words and phrases to improve your German then let’s get started!

1. Hallo - Hello

2. Bitte - Please

3. Danke - Thank You

4. Ja - Yes

5. Nein - No

6. Guten Tag - Good day

7. Guten Morgen - Good morning

8. Guten Abend - Good evening

9. Entschuldigung - Excuse me

10. Wie geht's? - How are you?

11. Auf Wiedersehen - Goodbye

12. Tschüss - Bye

13. Ich liebe dich - I love you

14. Bitte schön - You're welcome

15. Prost - Cheers

16. Willkommen - Welcome

17. Guten Appetit - Enjoy your meal

18. Können Sie mir helfen? - Can you help me?

19. Ich verstehe nicht - I don't understand

20. Ich bin müde - I'm tired


Learning 20 commonly used German words and phrases is a great step in expanding your German language skills. With a little practice and dedication, you can quickly expand your German vocabulary and start speaking German confidently. Whether you’re travelling to Germany, connecting with family and friends, or just want to learn German for fun it’s a great language to learn.

At GermanMind you’ll be given the best resources to help you learn and improve your German, with our excellent German teachers and great German courses for all levels of German you’ll master the German language in no time.

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