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How can you learn German with The GermanMind method?

The GermanMind method will teach you simple explanations and many exercises for German, mainly on grammar and with example sentences, many exercises and solutions in the form of free online classes/sites. We also have free downloads and our ebooks for you. If you did not understand something when you were learning German at school, or if you want to refresh knowledge that has been lost for a long time, The GermanMind method is the right site for you.


Our online classes are free of charge and accessible to everyone without registration. Here, the entire grammar topic is explained compactly and clearly.

Thanks to the example sentences and exercises, you will learn the rules in no time.


For each topic, there are free exercises in which the content of the explanation is tested. The solutions are below the exercises so you can double-check your answers every time. 

The free exercise covers (like the explanation) the complete grammar topic and is therefore especially suitable for you if you have already covered all aspects. If you are not so advanced, you may only be able to answer part of this exercise.

For more practice on the different difficulty levels, we have prepared numerous additional exercises here. This way you can learn the German language even more effectively. 


Levels of difficulty

To make it easier for you to find your way around our site, the difficulty level is indicated for many exercises. We follow the European Framework of Reference for Languages, which divides language levels into:

A1 - beginner

A2 - basic knowledge

B1 - advanced language use

B2 - independent language use

C1 - proficient language use

C2 - near-native proficiency

What is the GermanMind method?

It is an educational process that goes beyond the basics, where you study via a proven learning method that allows you to understand and grasp the language to achieve your goals. We help you learn all the tips, tricks and strategies that you need to learn German by heart! 


With one goal in mind: to make sure you can speak German with confidence.

German is perceived as a language that may take you a while to comprehend, but once you have a handle on the grammar and basic structure, it is like any other language: Übung macht den Meister / practice makes perfect. 

We not only teach German; we also teach confidence in German! 


We take a closer look at the German language.

Learning German should no longer feel like a chore. Whether a beginner or an advanced learner, our learning methods will help you memorise and retain German vocabulary, practice your understanding of grammar and improve your German skills. We do that in a friendly, open, inclusive environment with native teachers who care about your progress. 

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