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5 simple methods to help you learn the German language

Would you like to learn German but find the thought of learning a new language daunting? Don't worry, studying a new language like German can be quite simple if you have the right skills and tools at your fingertips - and, of course, a great German teacher!


These colourful sticky notes are a must-have when you start learning German. Every word is new to you, and besides spelling and pronunciation, memory is key. Start by writing down the German wording of objects in your house, e.g. door, bed, window, TV, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Once you have mastered these, you can move on to other objects, e.g. kettle, cupboard, clothes, etc. In no time at all and without much work, you will have understood and learned a variety of German words. As your language skills improve, keep these stickers with you at all times, as they will stimulate your brain to speak in German and get your mind thinking in German too. Quick tip: Learn the article with the nouns from the beginning.

German conversation

Do you already know the benefits of watching TV in German and listening to German music? They allow the conscious and subconscious mind to become immersed in the language and retain information better, while helping us learn the correct pronunciation of words. Even if you don't understand the words, let your mind listen and develop an ear for the language. The more you progress with the language, the more words you will add to your vocabulary, and soon you will be able to quote scenes from German films.

Make friends

Whatever your reason for learning German, it's a great opportunity to meet others who are doing the same and grow together. There is no easier way to learn a language than with friends. You feel comfortable, have fun, can understand idiosyncrasies and don't feel insecure. Our GermanMind students can meet in person in class, but we also encourage them to meet via Skype or Zoom, or to have a coffee together if they are nearby. Some of our Business German students use their lunch break to talk to the German team at their company. They soon find that they feel comfortable speaking German with native speakers and working through the medium of German. If you are thinking of learning German for your career, read our blog on German at work.

Use the language every day

If you are serious about improving your language skills, you need to use the language every day. Try to speak the language every day, even if no one understands you, say good morning to your spouse in German, ask them how they are. When you order food in a restaurant, try to say your order in German, even if it's just for your friends. Make it a habit to test your skills and add new words every day. Commit yourself to the language and see if you can think and speak to yourself in German.

Know your motivation

We're not saying learning German is easy, but it is fun and extremely rewarding. Every time you feel like you don't understand and want to give up, remind yourself why you started learning in the first place. A German partner, a career change, a German friend, the dream of living in Berlin - these are just some of the reasons why our students attend GermanMind, and some of the reasons why they give their best every day.

Join the more than 20 million people in the world who speak German as a second language and start your language journey with GermanMind.

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