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5 Podcasts to Listen to If You’re Learning German

Are you ready to take your German language skills to the next level? One of the best ways to learn German is by immersing yourself in the language and a great way to do this is by listening to German podcasts.

Coffee Break German is a great and fun way to learn German. The German podcast consists of the German native speaker Thomas and his student Mark. Each episode lasts around 20 minutes and is designed for absolute beginners. Each episode covers a particular theme, such as introducing yourself, ordering food, and talking about hobbies. This approach is excellent for German learners as it helps you understand how German works and builds up your German vocabulary in a manageable way. This German podcast provides detailed explanations and pronunciation tips, while also offering plenty of opportunities to practice with native German speakers. Coffee Break German is also accompanied by amazing support material, including flashcards, quizzes, and transcripts. This helps those wanting to improve in German review, practice, and reinforce their German learning.

Slow German is a podcast hosted by Annik Rubens that provides an immersive learning experience for German language learners. Through her engaging and entertaining lessons, Annik guides her listeners on a journey of language exploration as she focuses on the conversational aspects of the German language. Slow German provides a unique German learning environment that covers topics from everyday life and culture, grammar, and pronunciation. Not only does she provide German learners with the fundamentals of German, but also the ability to converse with German native speakers and become proficient in the German language. With her easy-to-understand explanations and audio clips, Slow German makes learning German a fun and enjoyable experience perfect for those looking to improve in German.

German Pod 101 is an audio and video podcast series created to help English speakers learn the German language. With over 500 episodes, the show covers everything from basic to advanced German language topics making it a great choice for anyone looking to learn and improve their German. German Pod 101 is presented in an easy-to-follow, conversational style and is specifically designed for German learners of all levels. Each episode includes a real-world dialogue between native German speakers, helpful explanations of grammar and language points, and fun cultural facts. The podcast also provides helpful learning activities, such as quizzes, vocabulary lists, and flashcards, to aid in language retention so you can be assured that German Pod 101 is the perfect way to learn German quickly and effectively.

The German LingQ Podcast is a free podcast for German learners of all levels. Each episode features a conversation between two native German speakers discussing a variety of topics, such as German culture, current events, and history. The German LingQ Podcast also provides helpful German learning tips, as well as exercises and vocabulary drills to help listeners learn German in a more engaging way. The German podcast is tailored to the needs of German learners, and the hosts strive to make the conversations as understandable and relatable as possible making it a fantastic option to learn German. The podcast is updated weekly, and new episodes are usually released on Friday mornings. With its fun, conversational approach, the German LingQ Podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their German language skills.

Easy German is a podcast designed to help German language learners improve their language skills from beginner to advanced level. It consists of conversations with native German speakers from different parts of Germany, as well as interviews with experts in the German language. The conversations have been transcribed and translated into English, making the podcast accessible to a wide range of learners wanting to improve their German. In addition to the podcast, Easy German also provides other resources such as lesson plans, exercises, and a blog making it a great resource for anyone looking to learn German.


Learning German with podcasts is an excellent way to get a feel for the language in an entertaining way. Not only do you get to practice your listening skills, but you also get to gain an understanding of the culture and learn German slang. With podcasts, you can learn German in a unique and enjoyable way that fits into your busy lifestyle. So, grab your headphones and get ready to learn German with podcasts!

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