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5 ways to maintain your German language skills

1.Listen to music and sing along

Many blogs recommend listening to music in the target language, which is great, but it's also good practice to take it to the next level and try singing along. Lyrics are easy to find on the internet and there is nothing like singing to improve pronunciation. Update your sing-along playlists regularly by checking streaming services or YouTube for the latest releases.

2. Attend a conversation class

Tandem conversation sessions are amazing, but if you really want to brush up your skills in a structured way, take an online conversation course at GermanMind. All our German teachers are native speakers, so you'll not only learn correct grammar, but also what people actually say in everyday life!

You can take a conversation course in a small group, or even take one-to-one lessons if you book private lessons. Both options can help you improve your German skills.

3. Follow German influencers on social media

Track down some interesting authors on social media in your target language. You can create content to learn the language, but don't limit yourself to that. Look for food bloggers, sports commentators, comedians and musicians to get a range of content in different languages. You can also search for other topics that interest you, such as talking parrots or toy unboxings. The only important thing is that they speak in the language you want to keep.

4. Join a course

It doesn't have to be a language course, but a course in a completely different field (as long as the course is in your target language). There are plenty of online courses on every imaginable topic - from knitting and crochet to car care and cooking. Turn on the subtitles and enjoy learning something new while maintaining your language skills.

5. Watch TV

Need an excuse to watch Netflix? Take this opportunity to brush up on your German language skills. Ideally, choose a film or series that was originally filmed in your target language rather than watching a dubbed version in your own language. We've all seen something with subtitles in another language and realised that the translation isn't quite right! Watching films and series made in your target language has the added benefit of using colloquial expressions that can be difficult to learn in a classroom.

Maintain your language skills

Take a look at our 5 creative ways to maintain your language skills - whether you're fluent or just want to maintain your intermediate German level.

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