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5 simple ways to help you learn the German language

Do you want to learn the German language but find the idea of learning a new language daunting? Fear not, learning a new language can be easy with the right skills and tools at your disposal, and of course an amazing language school! 

In this blog we will be exploring five ways that will help you learn the German language more efficiently and with the ability to retain the knowledge forever. 

1. Post-its

Those yellow sticky pieces of paper are essential when starting your journey learning German. Every word is new to you, memory is key here, alongside spelling and pronunciation. Start by writing the German wording of items in your house such as door, bed, window, television, kitchen, bathroom etc. Once you have mastered these, move onto more objects such as kettle, cupboard, clothes, items etc. Before you know it and without much work, you will have understood and learnt a multitude of German words. As your language skills enhance, keep these stickers around as they will encourage the brain to speak in German, and get your mind to start thinking in German also. 

2. German Entertainment

We have a blog post on the benefits of watching T.V. in German, and also listening to German music, they allow the conscious and subconscious mind to submerge into the language and allow greater retention of information, while helping us learn the correct pronunciation of words. Even if you don’t understand the words, allow your mind to listen and develop an ear for the language, and as you progress with the language, you will add more words to your vocabulary, and soon you will be able to quote scenes from German movies. 

3. Make friends

Whatever your reason for learning German, it is a great opportunity to meet others who are doing the same, and grow together. There is no easier way to master a language skill than with friends, you feel comfortable, you can have fun, you can understand mannerisms, and you won’t feel self-conscious. Our GermanMind students are able to connect with each other in person in class, and we also encourage students to hang out on Skype or Zoom, or have a coffee together. Some of our business German students often use their lunch break to speak with the German team in their company, and find they soon become comfortable speaking German to native speakers, as well as working through the medium of German. If you are thinking of learning German for your career advancement, check out our blog about German in the marketplace.

4. Use the language daily

If you are serious about improving your language skills, then you must use the language daily. Aim to speak it daily, even if no one understands you, say good morning to your spouse in German, ask them how they are. When ordering food at a restaurant, see if you can say your order in German, even if it is just to your friends. Get in the habit of testing your skills, and adding in new words daily. Commit to the language and see if you can think in German, and speak to yourself in German, don’t worry we won’t judge, we will be so happy you are so immersed in the language. 

5. Know your motivation

We are not saying learning German is easy, but it is fun and extremely rewarding. Everytime you feel like you don’t understand and you feel like giving up, just remind yourself why you started learning in the first place. A German partner, a career change, a German friend, a dream of living in Berlin, just some of the reasons our students attend GermanMind, and some reasons they keep trying their hardest everyday. 

Join the 20+ million people around the world who speak German as a second language, and get started on your language journey with GermanMind

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