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5 Bulletproof Methods for Learning a New Language

The best way to learn any language is through immersion, this means speaking, reading, and writing in the language as much as possible.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Germany or in the comfort of your home country, you can learn how to immerse yourself with these 5 tips to learn the language.

1. Change the language of your phone and apps to German

A quick way to familiarise yourself with the German language is by changing the language on your phone to German. This can replicate the feeling of you being in Germany as most directions, labels, shops and signs are all written in German, so having your phone set to the German language will quickly help you feel as if you are already in Germany.

Since most people already know the structure of their phone’s settings it will help your brain make connections to certain words and phrases as you already know what they mean in English, therefore it will be easier for you to memorise those words in German. As you type on the keyboard to spell out German words it will help you learn new German vocab in a quick and easy way.

2. Read children's stories in German

Children's books are an excellent way to learn German. They're packed with basic words and grammar, and they're written at a level that you can understand even if you're a beginner.

Many well-known folklores originate from Germany so you can start by reading German fairy tales to indulge in the rich German culture. Reading German children’s books is always fun because they tend towards simple sentences without difficult vocabulary and are designed to be easy to understand.

The language is simple and the German books are often accompanied by colourful illustrations to help with comprehension. Moreover, the stories are often engaging and entertaining, which makes them a great way to stay motivated while learning. By reading children's books in German, you can get a good grasp of the basics. Not only will it help you learn German grammar and syntax, but you will also be able to pick up vocabulary and cultural knowledge that can help with conversational fluency.

It's important to read the books in the original German language, rather than in translation. This will help you to become familiar with the nuances and subtleties of the language. Additionally, you can use a dictionary or a translation app to look up words that you don't understand. To make the most of your learning experience, try to find books that are tailored to your interests.

3. Use subtitles to watch movies, tv shows

and YouTube in German

By watching a German tv show with subtitles you get the benefits of improving your German reading comprehension and listening skills. Remember to pick a show you’d enjoy so that you don’t get bored or discouraged easily.

You can find a show that you like and watch the dubbed version of it in German or you can find popular tv shows from Germany instead. These are great ways to learn vocabulary and get used to hearing the language as it's spoken naturally, which will help you pick up on new words more easily when you start reading or speaking out loud. By watching your favourite TV show in German, you can start to learn the basics of the language in an entertaining way that you can easily slip into your daily routine. As you watch, you'll hear words and phrases being spoken in German and you'll start to pick up on the language's pronunciation, grammar, and syntax. This can be a great way to get an introductory understanding of German.

Not only will watching shows in German help you learn the language, but you'll also be exposed to German culture. You'll get to see how German people interact, how they dress, and what they eat. This will give you a better understanding of the culture and provide you with useful information that you can use when you start to converse with native German speakers. Another great way to use TV shows to learn German is by watching the same show multiple times. This will allow you to become more familiar with the German language and increase your understanding of the words and phrases being used. Watching tv in German with subtitles will be even better as you can increase both your listening skills and reading comprehension in German. It’s also a good idea to pause the show when you come across something new or when you don’t understand what’s being said.

This will give you the chance to look up any words or phrases that you’re not familiar with and learn them. So, write them down for better retention. Watching German Youtubers is also another great way to learn German, YouTube is one of the biggest online video platforms so it’s a perfect way to find German videos for you to watch. YouTube offers a wide variety of German videos in for you to watch in any niche so it acts as an excellent resource for German language learners to help improve your German.

4. Learn German through social media

If you don’t have the luxury of travelling to Germany just yet then social media is a great option to help you in your German learning journey as you can connect with native German speakers online. One of the best things about social media is the ability to connect with others so if you want to improve your German find and reach out to native German speakers online.

Being able to interact with native speakers of the German language can really help to accelerate your learning. You can find native German speakers from all over the world on social media and can practice your conversation skills with them.

You can also use social media to find German learning groups and communities. These groups are a great place to ask questions, find advice, and practice your German with other German learners. You can also find German native speakers in these groups who can offer insight into the German culture and language.

5. Learn German with games and apps

Firstly, you should find a German language-learning game that suits your needs. There are many different types of German learning games available, from quizzes to word puzzles, so you should be able to find one that is right for you. You can find these German language games in app stores, as well as on websites like Duolingo and Babbel. Using language learning apps is a fun way to learn German, so after your study session with GermanMind you can play German learning games in your free time to memorise the German vocab, grammar and pronunciation you learnt in our amazing courses at GermanMind. Apps like StudyBlue allows you to create flashcards so you can write down German vocab and phrases to practise learning German.


Learning German can be so much fun and by following these easy tips you can incorporate German into your everyday lifestyle so that even when you aren’t in your study session you can still keep up with your German learning at home.

So, if you enjoyed reading these 5 tips to help you learn German and are interested in improving your German, go to the GermanMind website where you can find the best German courses for beginners learning German, those who want to learn German for business purposes, or if you just want to learn German for fun. At GermanMind you can find the perfect courses tailored to your needs. So, what’s stopping you? Start your German learning lessons now!

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