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Our eBook will teach you German grammar in a new way by making it enjoyable and easy to read.

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Our highly-praised eBook Crack the German Cases is now available on Amazon in a convenient Arbeitsbuch (workbook) format, perfect for hands-on learning, and as a Kindle book.This eBook is designed to help beginners and advanced learners alike. It is broken down into easily digestible sections to help German learners quickly learn the basics of German grammar.

We in GermanMind know well how demanding learning – or retrieving – a language can be. Being experienced German teachers and linguists, we decided to address the issues by pooling our expertise and, equally important, the experiences of our students. 

This eBook is the result. It concentrates on the grammatical cases, a core element of German linguistic structure. A combination of reference manual and learning aid, the book offers a wealth of exercises, tips and explanations, in an easily accessible format.

Written by the GermanMind founder Sarah Horn, who has won numerous awards, including German Language School of the Year at the Republic of Ireland's Prestigious Awards in 2021–2022, Best German Language School at the EU Business, Irish Enterprise Awards in 2022, and nominated for the GermanMind method's online platform in 2023.

You can be confident that you will learn German grammar from Ireland's most prestigious German language school.

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